Thursday June 8, 2023
13:45 Welcome and Introduction
Arnold von Eckardstein
Luis Masana
Michal Vrablik
14:00 Lipotoxicity. A pathogenic mechanism of cell and organ damage
Jan Borén
14:30 Mass Spectrometry lipidomics for the study of metabolic diseases
Gerhard Liebisch
15:00 NMR Lipid and inflammation profiles
Núria Amigó
15:30 Coffee break
16:00 Molecular Imaging in tissues based on mass spectrometry
Xavier Correig
16:30 Lipid Maps: an essential tool for lipid research
Matthew Conroy
17:00 Neuroprostanes derived from radical oxidation of DHA:
promising oxylipins for health
Thierry Durand
17:30 Sterols: Cholesterol, Oxisterols , Phytosterols
William J. Griffiths
18:00 (Lyso)-Phospholipids
Kathrin Engel
Friday June 9, 2023
9:00 Typical and atypical sphingolipids
Thorsten Hornemann
9:30 Lipotoxicity driven Metabolic associated fatty liver disease
Pedro Rodrigues
10:00 Atherosclerosis. Role of Lipotoxicity
Christoph Binder
10:30 Coffee break
11:00 Lipid mediators and kidney function
Eoin Brennan
11:30 Metabolic myocardiopathy. Does it exists? Data from Metabolomics
Christian Schulze
12:00 Role of Lipids in the pahogenesis of beta cell failure
Pierre Maechler
12:30 Therapies addressed to stop lipotoxicity
Bart Staels
Wrap-up lecture:
Arnold von Eckardstein
13:00 Visioning the future: Clinical lipidology beyond
cardiovascular prevention
Luis Masana, Michal Vrablik
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