Núria Amigó

Núria Amigó: CEO and co-founder of the biotechnology company Biosfer Teslab, associate professor of biostatistics (Faculty of Medicine, URV). Degree in Physics and PhD in bioengineering.
Research Interests: Biophysicist focused on the identification of biomarkers of cardiometabolic diseases, biostatistics, NMR spectroscopy and analysis of complex data with the application of machine learning techniques in the context of cardiovascular research.

Professional career: Co-founder of Biosfer Teslab (2013) as a spin-off company of the University Rovira Virgili (Spain), current CEO since 2015. Biosfer Teslab is an innovative SME company that has achieved the industrial development and commercialization in the national clinical environment of an advanced lipoprotein test ( IVD-CE) approved by the Spanish Medicines and [BIG]Health Products Agency (AEMPS). The innovation work of the team led by Nuria Amigó focuses on the transformation of biomedical research into clinical applications based on nuclear magnetic resonance, especially in the context of cardiometabolic diseases. Amigó has been awarded by an international business acceleration program, The Big Booster; has received the Young Academic Talent Award -Gresol (2016), and the Elzaburu Foundation national innovation award (2019).
Principal researcher of several industrial development projects in the field of in vitro diagnostics based on NMR metabolomics as diagnostic products for personalized medicine.
Elected Member of the European Lipoprotein Club Organizing Committee since January 2022.
Member of the Lipoprotein Commission and Vascular Diseases, Spanish Society of Laboratory Medicine since May 2021.

Member of the Innovation Committee of the Health Research Institute Pere Virgili (Spain) since September 2022.

Early Career Leader, Atheronet Cost Action (CA21153) Working Group Pathophysiological mechanisms in atherosclerosis February 2023.

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